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Research Interests

We use X-ray crystallography to see what the molecules of life look like and figure out how they work. Our main focus is on the molecular details of how certain RNA viruses cause infection and disease. For example, we have worked on cellular RNA-binding proteins such as PTB, La and Ebp1 that are press-ganged to help with viral translation. We are also studying viral proteins from picornaviruses (e.g. foot-and-mouth diseases virus (FMDV)) and caliciviruses (e.g. murine norovirus). Read more...

Our investigations have also encompassed structural analysis of protein-drug interactions. In particular, our work on human serum albumin (HSA), an abundant blood protein that binds and affects the action of many drugs, helped to reveal the structural basis of its remarkably versatile binding capacity. Read more...

Our lab is one of many here that are part of the Imperial College Centre for Structural Biology (CSB).

For a more personal take on science and structural biology, read about my writing and video work. Or listen to me being interviewed by Emma Tobin for the Thinking about Science podcast (Nov 2012).


The Science is Vital Campaign launched in Sept 2010 to fight the threat of cuts in the UK science budget. Read about the campaign here.
Mar 2013:The campaign recently launched a new petition to urge the government to make a long-term commitment to public funding of scientific research.

The libel reform campaign launched in 2009 to change the law on defamation, which was being used to stifle open discussion of many scientific matters. In April 2013 Campaign finally secured a new act of parliament that offers significantly better protection to scientists and science writers. You can read about it here.


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